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Get Healthy Notebook

Do you struggle with diets?
Do you have a hard time keeping up with your exercies, water intake, or calories consumed?

I know I did, so I created this small notebook of two simple forms to track my daily goals, caloric intake, and activities.

It helps me keep a handle on my weight.

I know if it can help me and my family then it can help you with your own struggles.

You don’t need fancy diets or expensive plans. Just keep track of what you eat, and make sure you more more. Its not complicated, especially with a notebook like this to keep you motivated and in charge.

You can purchase this book on Amazon.

My wife struggles with body issues, and she has tried every fad and diet plan she can find. The only thing that has worked was the color coded food containers, but it was hard for her to keep track.

For me its that one little piece of something that I don’t track. One little bite turns to ten. I feel like I am doing good because I don’t eat much for dinner. But if I tracked my food intake I would see I had two dinners by way of snacks.

Let this notebook help you, like it has helped us.

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