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Understanding the Use of Handguns for Self-Defense

Understanding the Use of Handguns for Self-Defense
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A priceless education for new handgun owners. An important refresher for experienced carriers.

If you own-or are considering owning-a handgun, this book is a must, covering:

– Tips for selecting the right gun for you
– An exploration of shooting techniques
– Guidance on developing an “armed” mindset
– A realistic look at what happens in a gunfight
– Crucial advice for dealing with law enforcement
– Suggestions for dealing with anti-gun sentiment

This book was written as a text to use in a basic handgun carry course.

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If you want it you should hurry, as I retrieved the rights and have updated and republished.  There are less than 50 copies of this book unsold, and when they are gone, they are gone forever.

This was my first book, as a long time firearm instructor, I wanted to write a book that answered common questions new shooters ask.

It is designed to help a person decide if they want a handgun, what kind of handgun they need, and the basics of both shooting it and using it for self defense.

The information found within form the basis of any basic firearm course and will definitely give a new shooter the proper start.

I really did not intend for this book to get me into becoming an author, I wrote it as a manual for  the courses I taught.  Basically something people could use to see if they wanted to buy and carry a handgun.

Lets face it owning and using a DEFENSIVE firearm is not for everyone.  It takes a special type of person to stay in the required mellow yellow mindset while in public carrying a firearm. Much of what is in here was used and updated to write the book above: Handguns for Self Defense.  This one is going out of print and when the last copies are sold the only way to get it is through Kindle.

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