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The Basics of Raising Backyard Chickens

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Book CoverDo you want to raise chickens but don’t know where to start?
Do you want to earn a little side income from selling eggs?

The Basics of Raising Backyard Chickens is a practical guide, from a lifelong chicken raiser. This book shares simple yet practical knowledge which covers all aspects of raising healthy and happy chickens in suburban or even urban backyards.

This guide to backyard chickens covers things like: Why keep chickens, types of chickens, how to raise day old chicks, building shelters for your chickens, how to feed and water your girls (including simple automated systems), what to do with the eggs, how to sell you chickens, DIY equipment for butchering, how to butcher, and bonus tips for cooking and meat storage.

The handbook is suited to new chicken keepers and those wanting ideas for simple DIY equipment to make your urban chicken yard simple and easy.

Get this guide now to make your chicken dreams a reality.

You can purchase this book on Amazon, and it is available free through Amazon Unlimited.

I have raised chickens in my backyard for many years. Mostly we just east the eggs and enjoy watching the chickens eat all the bugs in the yard, but we also occasionally butcher and cook one of the chickens.

Keeping chickens in your backyard is not hard, yet it is very rewarding. Don’t think that you are limited because of where you live. A lot of cities are now allowing urban chickens as the joys of raising chickens becomes more known and backyard chickens becomes more popular.

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