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How I Built a Ferrocement “Boulder Bunker”

Audiobook available, I have a limited number of free download codes available

This short book walks through the step by step process the author used to create a 16-foot diameter geodesic dome “bunker” that was featured on the 2004 episode “Nobody will be ready” of Doomsday Preppers.

This dome was built by three people in 3 days.

It has information of building an inexpensive geodesic dome frame from EMT conduit, ferrocement, and latex cement coverings as well as additional information on lighting and other issues.

It also contains links to additional videos and online dome calculators as well as end-notes for additional information on the content.

You can purchase this book on Amazon Kindle, and it is available free through Amazon Unlimited.

I really enjoyed making this dome, I have experimented with many more domes and ways to cover them.  This was supposed to be lumpy and irregular, even though the base geodesic dome was smooth and round.

I added a lot of hard won information to this work that would have made this bunker much easier to build (and probably cheaper.)

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