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Handguns for Self-Defense

Handguns for Self-Defense
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Regardless of your level of training or comfort around firearms, understanding and applying firearm fundamentals will increase your proficiency.

Handguns for Self-Defense provides easily understood explanations of what shooters need to do to fire more accurately. This book he explores such topics as:

  • How to choose the firearm, holster, and carry method that best fits you, your lifestyle, and your particular protection needs
  • Understanding state and federal firearm laws
  • Developing and implementing a safe and effective firearms training regime
  • How to deal with friends and family who don’t like guns
  • And much more

All of this is done without politics, judgments, or complex explanations. Handguns for Self-Defense is a valuable resource for anyone thinking about purchasing a firearm for the first time, exploring carrying a gun for self-defense, or seeking to improve the skills they already have.

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I wrote the original Understanding the Use of Handguns for Self Defense as a text to use in my handgun courses. It was designed to be used before class so the student could decide if they wanted to carry a handgun.

Over the years my skill as an instructor grew and I revised the original into the new work seen here. I also was able to score a introduction from one of the rising talents in the field, Brandon Bateman, I fully expect him to one day take over as one of the top tier instructors, and being held in the same regard as Col. Cooper, Clint Smith, and Mas Ayoob.

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