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Building a Get Home Bag

Audiobook available, I have a limited number of free download codes available

Building a Get Home Bag: Tips for Setting up a Realistic Bug Out Bag for Getting Back Home in a Disaster, is a short book, but it contains proven tips for setting up the specific type of kit that will allow you to shoot, move, and communicate on your way back home during a large scale disaster.

A Get Home Bag (GHB) is not a full bug out bag designed to give you all the essentials in the event you have to leave home and never come back.  Rather, it is a small ultralight kit designed to help you race back home to your family.

This document is short, but it contains information on a specific set of gear with realistic goals.  Much of the information inside is a “new” take on the concept of a BoB.

You can purchase this book on Amazon, and it is available free through Amazon Unlimited.

As mentioned before, I am not just a prepper, but I am an academically trained emergency manager with real world experience in disaster response.  I am also a law enforcement firearms instructor.

Typical bug out bags are loaded up with military style gear that will get you too much attention from the wrong people, weight too much to move with speed and stealth, or are just filled with neato jiffy wow stuff that really don’t do anything but fill your pack and lighten your wallet.

I wrote about a kit that works and is realistic.  Everything in this kit is in my vehicle and in my wife’s car.  I trust the information within to help reunite my family in the event of an emergency, or I would not have shared it with you.

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