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Basic Survival: A Beginner’s Guide

Basic Survival: A Beginner's Guide
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Many people are beginning to become concerned by increasing natural disasters, global conflict, and political unrest and the smart ones want to do something about it.

Unfortunately, increased awareness about disaster preparedness has caused an information overload. It is easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information available.

Basic Survival helps readers dig out from under the avalanche of preparedness information. It dispels myths, introduces concepts, and teaches the basics of how to start preparing for disaster.

Author David Nash, a lifelong prepper and the author of 52 Prepper Projects and The Prepper’s Guide to Foraging outlines an all-hazards approach to disaster management similar to the ones used by the military and federal and state governments.

Nash has over ten years of experience in government emergency management as a planner, a first responder, and as an emergency operations center manager. Basic Survival is a great resource that presents a strong foundation for being prepared when an emergency hits.

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This is my first Hardback, and the pictures make me feel like its a coffee table book, but when I wrote it I included all the basics I learned starting out as a prepper.

Don’t let the name fool you, this is not a wilderness survival handbook – it is a surviving emergencies handbook. I hope that my editor will let me change the name during the next reprint so that people have a better idea what this book is actually about. (Which is why you should buy it now – so you can have a collector’s item.)

I believe in an all hazards approach to survival. If you knew what kind of disaster would kill you a smart thing to do would just be to avoid that type of disaster. Since no one knows what might happen to them, a smart person prepares to deal with all kinds of issues.

I take academic theory learned during my education as an Emergency Management Planner and add common sense skills learned by life as a prepper to bring you this book.

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