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52 Unique Techniques for Stocking Food for Preppers

52 Unique Techniques for Stocking Food for Preppers
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More than a cookbook, this recipe book teaches techniques. In this book you learn to make cooking tools like a DIY dehydrator and cardboard box grill.

Additionally, you will learn how to store food and cook using traditional methods.

However, with 52 projects packed inside this illustrated work, their are a lot of tasty recipes.  They tend to work just like the original 52 Prepper Projects, each project builds on the one before.

You build a smoker, then you make smoked bacon.

Yes, their is recipes for how to make bacon, no good prepper can do without it.

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In my mind, this book is one of my best, I think that it is second only to the Basic Survival book. It is part recipe book and part manual of preservation techniques.

I think the title is a little wordy, but in the publishing business, the author does not have as much control over what a book looks like as they do have over the content itself.

Other than the 500 word title, this book was fun to make, and it actually was instrumental in getting me on my Department’s BBQ cook-off team, where recipes in this book won me two first and one third place trophy in the three contests I entered. I am not ready to quit my job and live the life of a professional BBQ competition cook, but I do think that the ideas and projects in this books are quite useful.

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