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52 Prepper’s Projects for Parents and Kids

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Prepare your child for the unpredictable through 52 prepper projects. Teach them basic outdoors survival skills, first aid, how to create their own “bug-out bag,” and more.

This book involves weekly projects, however, it is designed to be done with children to teach them how to work with their hands and brains as well as develop self-reliance.

One thing different in this book that the previous work 52 Prepper Projects, is that at the end of each project talking points are given to teach why the project was chosen.

Becoming self-reliant is not easy, nor is it an easy skill to teach to you children, however, the rewards are priceless.

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When I wrote this my son WT was a toddler, and could not help with many of the projects.  My instinct was to write for a younger age group of children, but I fought the urge and ended up with projects for all ages of children.

This is not a dumbed-down adult book, I hated it when adults talked down to me, and I do not do it to the children I interact with.  This book took projects that were age appropriate as well as useful and set forth instructions that families can do together.

My son is now 7, and while he doesn’t quite get that I wrote this, he does like thumbing through it an picking out things he wants to try, as well as finding the few pictures of him and his cousins in the book.

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