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Firearm Manual DVD

Firearm DVD
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This firearm manual DVD contains 3.55 Gigs of 1117 files including civilian manufacturer manuals, military technical and field weapon manuals, printable targets, blueprints, patent files, videos, and training PowerPoint.

Most of this information is found freely on this site, but you will rarely find all the material in one place. I spent hundreds of dollars and about a thousand hours digging through all manner of DVD collections and online sources to create the disks I offer for sale.

You can buy collections of PDF documents like this on ebay, for less money, but most are around $10 and almost all of the collections contain duplicate and copywritten documents and are not as well organized as what you get on my site and on these DVDs.

The only thing bad about this DVD collections are that the software used to create them built an autorun menu so they do not work on Mac computers.

To purchase: simply click the image and pay via paypal.