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The Revolution

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A few short years ago William Tell Davis was a simple Marine Sergeant drinking bear in a local bar, he got in a fight and ended up having to leave Earth to prevent its destruction.

Now, after the actions covered in The Deserter, General Davis and the Legion he created to protect the Earth from Aliens has to protect all biologic life in the Galaxy.

In the second installment of the Legion Chronicles, the computer species known as the Kernel has learned how to enslave humans using an implant that turns them into mind controlled puppets and have launched a coordinated sneak attack throughout the entire galaxy.

Only Legion controlled planets were able to turn back the attempts at enslavement.

Now General Davis and his Legion must take back the galaxy planet by planet until they have enough allies to finally make it to Kernel Prime for the final showdown.

Join the Legion as they fend off alien attacks, prevent implantation by mind control devices, search for allies, and destroy the evil artificial intelligence.

Man vs. Machine

Humanity Revolts

You can purchase this book on Amazon Kindle, and it is available free through Amazon Unlimited.

This is my second science fiction work, I really enjoyed making it, and (spoiler alert) I really could not decide if I should kill off Marvin, as his change from sentient to sapient is really the story arch in the Deserter.

This book starts off a little slower than the Deserter, as the think they are in for a break after the last big battle for Earth, however, very quickly they get his with an attack that will live in infamy as the Revolution against the Kernel begins.

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