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Prepper Collection

The Prepper Collection set is a collection of 4 books that will help anyone better prepare for disaster. Written by experienced prepper and emergency manager David Nash, this set is packed full of useful information.

The information contained within is proven, rational, and accessible by anyone. You don’t need a million dollar budget or hundreds of hours of free time to become more self-reliant.

You can purchase this book on Amazon Kindle, and it is available free through Amazon Unlimited.

I have been blessed with the opportunities in life to take some really good training as well as getting to work with some very talented people.

My career has given me valued knowledge on personal preparedness, so I wanted to share that information with you at a discount. ebook its four for the price of one, but because of print costs, paperback is four for the price of three.  Either way, here is a lot of great knowledge for a little price.

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